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Image description. A small, white and fluffy dog barks while side eyeing the camera. The block text reads, big feelings club.

A training program that prioritizes your dog's well being and your capacity.

Start Date: March 8th, 2024
Where: All over the world! (virtual)

Free webinar - Is pain in your dog, making them a pain in your ass?  

What does prioritizing their well being look like?


Reactivity is a big subject, with a million and one options for training. But for us, step one is ensuring that our dogs needs have been fully met.

This means a thorough investigation into health and potential pain. And a focus on functional enrichment that starts now, not when your dog’s reactivity is “cured”.


Image description. A close up on a Jack Russell terrier chomping an orange, carrot shaped squeaky toy.


Image description. A selfie style photo of an orange and black patterned tortoise, staring down his nose at the camera

What about the guardians?

Guardians deserve a compassionate approach too!

We want our content to be accessible (captions, transcripts and image and video descriptions) and our teaching to be digestible (aka not info dumping unless you really, really want us to). Slow and steady wins this race.

Repetition over multiple formats, within an understanding community has been the key to our client’s success.

What Will I Learn?

How Will I Learn?

Image description. A small dog with black and white patches and spots lays on a table and looks back at their guardian. The person sits in the window and works on a laptop.

Group Coaching

Everything is easier when you have support!

3x per month group coaching calls to learn new skills, discuss concepts, check in and stay motivated. 


Image description. A white cocker spaniel with orange patches walks parallel to the camera on leash.

Dynamic Dog Assessment

Learn about your dog's posture, gait, indicators of pain and what to do about it!

Image description. A half shaved blonde spaniel sits on a mat beside their guardians legs.

Private Coaching

Two private coaching sessions, one at the start and one at the end of the program to ensure all of your questions are answered.

Image description. A blonde fluffy dog laying in a person's lap as they type on a laptop.

Online Modules

4 months worth of short, online lessons completed over 6 months.

Everything you need to know, from functional enrichment, to dog body language, to skill demonstrations.

Image description. An Asian woman sitting on a grey couch with a blonde pomeranian offering their paw. 

Ongoing Feedback and Community

The community created by online training programs can be amazing!

Support and accountability from your peers and continuous feedback from your trainer. You don't have to wait for the next group session to make progress. 

What's the sign up process?

1 Read over this page and decide if the program is a good fit for you and your dog.

2 Complete an inquiry form. We’ll let you know next steps with 2 business days.


3 Book a get to know you call, tell us all about you and your dog and ask as many questions as you like. If it’s a good fit we’ll offer you a spot in the program.


4 Sign our waiver, send a payment (cost details below) and get started on program materials right away.

Our best clients are folks who,

are willing to advocate for their dogs.

want to use the power of choice and force free methods to help their dogs feel safe.

are open to idea that there are important, values aligned ideas that they just don’t know about yet.


Image description. A young doodle stands at the edge of the waves on a beach at sunset. A few birds fly overhead.

Good dog training starts with
good people training.

Dog training values.

  • Dogs deserve to learn without the use of pain, fear or intimidation.

  • Dogs deserve to learn in an environment that sets them up for success, not failure.

  • Dogs deserve to learn skills that will help them feel safe and comfortable in the world.

  • Dogs deserve to have the potential for pain thoroughly investigated.

People training values.

  • People deserve to learn without the use of scare tactics, threats or willful misinformation.

  • People deserve learning opportunities and information that are accessible to them.

  • People deserve to feel safe asking questions or asking for modified training plans.

  • Dogs deserve access to safe, supportive community spaces.

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Are we a fit for this program?

This program is for reactive dogs, aka dogs who have big, stressy feelings about other dogs, people, things on wheels or other animals that causes distress in your everyday life.

This program is for folks curious about the possibility of pain and its potential effects on their dogs behaviour.


This program is for folks excited about the opportunity provided by online formats and the like-minded communities created, no matter where you live.


This program is not for folks on their last straw, or absolutely desperate for a solution now. Unfortunately that is too much pressure and sets everyone up to fail. If this is you, we still want to hear from you! Click here to see our other training options.

Image description. A short, tan dog with a graying muzzle and paws barks towards the camera. He stands in a garden behind a green chain link fence.

A program designed to work for you.

Information overwhelm is something we’ve all been guilty of, whether we’re the enthusiast info dumping or the learner who ordered 10 new books to throw on the To Read pile.


For me, there’s nothing worse than signing up for a course with a ton of enthusiasm, losing the spark midway and then falling hopelessly behind.


To the best of our abilities, this program is designed to leave no dogs behind! Thoughtfully layered skills, individually chosen progress goals, and multiple points of connection throughout the week all work to keep you moving at whatever pace is sustainable for you.

Slow but steady is the best way to help our dogs change their emotional responses (fear, frustration).

But slow and steady is also really hard on us humans. It's hard to maintain motivation and continue prioritizing something that feels too big to neatly add to your To Do list. 

Which is why the community element is so important! Weekly coaching and support is key to keep training momentum. 

Big Feelings Club is a  6 month program specifically because we want everyone to have the time they need to work through and absorb all of the important info

Dog training is not linear. Our dog's progress and our own capacities and motivation are going to have peaks and valleys. 

Eternal, uninterrupted growth is not normal or achievable, and our training plans reflect that!


Each of our training plans includes variations on exercises that are more accessible on those days when you are low on (or run out of) spoons. We're not interested in punishing you for life's curveballs

Reactivity affects both ends of the leash.
So our program does too. 

Interested in a preview? Check out our free webinars below
Free Webinar - Is pain in your dog, making them a pain in your ass?
Free Webinar -  Dog guardians with big feelings

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The key to reactivity isn’t better obedience, or more structure, or better leadership (ick).
The key is in creating a world where our dog feels safe and can respond to the world accordingly.

The key is in seeing your dog as an individual with their own personality and quirks that we love and embrace.

Image description. A blurry view of the ocean. A wet, red golden retriever peers into the camera from the bottom corner.

Course Details.

Program Structure

4 Months of Online Learning (broken into 5-15 min chunks)

18, 1 Hour Group Coaching Calls over 6 Months

2, 1 Hour Private Coaching Calls

4 Months of Community Support and Training Feedback

1 Dynamic Dog Assessment


A commitment to force and fear free training.

An elder millennial level of tech savvy and willingness to film and upload training sessions.

Dates and Numbers

First online module released - As soon as you register. 

Dynamic Dog assessment - As soon as your

First group coaching call - Wednesday March 8th 6PM

CAD $1650 +gst (monthly payment schedules available)

(CAD $1300 +gst for those already enrolled in a DD assessment)

Sliding Scale

We are able to offer one 20% off reduced rate spot for every 4 full rate participants registered.

Reduced rates are intended for folks who would not otherwise be able to access this program. No proof of need is required, just let us know on your inquiry form.

Meet the Trainers

Sabrina Webb
Camp Pawsible

Image description. Sabrina, a white reddish haired woman wearing very large glasses.

Sabrina (she/her) has been in the pet dog industry for 8 years. She is committed to using force and fear free training methods to help people understand, care for and train their dogs.

She has loved and cared for many dogs, but she currently has four chihuahuas/ mixes named Bing, Wiley, Bear and Chance. And a big, little mutt named Snow.

Jamie Whitehead
The Speed of Hound

Image description. Jamie, a white dark haired woman wearing glasses, poses with Penny her young white and brown Basset.

If you are looking for a trainer who is kind, patient and compassionate, you're in the right place. From puppy lifes skills to reactive dogs, I can help! I strive to not only form strong connections with the dogs I work with, but with their humans as well. 

It is important to me that you feel supported along your training journey, and that you feel comfortable reaching out to me with any questions or concerns. I prioritize helping you feel confident in your new skills, so you can easily transfer them into your everyday life.


How many people are in the program?

Does my dog need a certain level of training to start this program?

What skills will I learn?

Is this course accessible to me?

How do I sign up?

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